QGR Scientist Dugan Hammock attends the 9th annual Aperiodic Conference

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QGR scientist Dugan Hammock recently attended the 9th Aperiodic Conference at the Iowa State University in Ames: a meeting of material scientists, chemists, physicists, and mathematicians.

He met Nobel Laureate Dan Shechtman, who discovered Quasicrystals in the 1980’s along with other big names in the field including An-Pang Tsai and Joshua Socolar.
Dugan also presented work on the Empire Problem (in the context of the Cut-Projection method) for Quasicrystals of two and three dimensions.

Hacking Reality – Official Film

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    Is there an 8-dimensional "engine" behind our universe?     Join Marion Kerr on a fun, visually exciting journey as she explores a mysterious, highly complex structure known simply as 'E8'--a weird, 8-dimensional mathematical object that for some, strange reason, appears to encode all of the particles and forces of our 3-dimensional universe.     Meet surfer and renowned theoretical physicist Garrett Lisi as he rides the waves and paraglides over the beautiful Hawaiian island of Maui and talks about his groundbreaking discovery about E8 relates deeply to our reality; and learn why Los Angeles based Klee Irwin and his group of research scientists believe that the universe is essentially a 3-dimensional "shadow" of this enigmatic... thing... that may exist behind the curtain of our reality.     This film was made by Mad Machine Films.