A passionate scientist and researcher, Klee Irwin is the founder and director of Quantum Gravity Research. His curiosity about space, time and consciousness led Klee to quit his full time job running the company he owns in order to pursue his passion for physics full time. With a team of 12+ full time researchers, Klee guides the team in developing emergence theory - a new, first principles quantum gravity theory that unifies space, time, energy, matter, information and consciousness.

Aside from his scientific work, Klee Irwin is passionate about and maintains a commitment to giving back through philanthropic initiatives. He is active in supporting science researchers, educators and creative visionaries in their aim toward discovering solutions that activate transformational and impactful contributions to the world we live in. He has invested in other purpose driven organizations such as Cambridge Quantum Computing, Mayasil, Napa Creek Village Thriving Communities, Change.org, UpWorthy.com, Moon Express and Scanadu Corp. along with helping to fund the launch of Singularity University in 2008. Irwin is also an advocate and member of many professional organizations including the American Physical Society, American Association for the Advancement of Science, IFRES.org, International Society for Biosemiotics and Hana Arts.

His publications can be found here