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General Relativity 1916-2016/Minkowski Institute 4th International Conference on the Nature and Ontology of Spacetime

Encoding Geometric Frustration in Tetrahedral Packing with Gaps, Discrete Curvature, Distortion or Twisting
Fang Fang, Richard Clawson, Klee Irwin (2017)
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The Code Theoretic Axiom: the Third Ontology
Klee Irwin (2017)
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Toward a Unification of Physics and Number Theory
Klee Irwin (2017)
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Laurentiu Bubuianu, Klee Irwin, Sergiu I. Vacaru  (2016)
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Eight Things a First Principles Theory of Everything Should Possess

Klee Irwin (2012)

Golden, Quasicrystalline, Chiral Packings of Tetrahedra
Fang Fang, Garrett Sadler, Julio Kovacs and Klee Irwin (2012)
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