An Icosahedral Quasicrystal as a Packing of Regular Tetrahedra
Fang Fang, Julio Kovacs, Garrett Sadler, Klee Irwin (2014)
ACTA Physica Polonica A (2014) volume 126 /From the Proceedings of the 12th International Congress on Quasicrystals

Cabinet of Curiosities: the Interesting Geometry of the Angle β=arccos((3φ - 1)/4)
Fang Fang, Klee Irwin, Julio Kovacs, Garrett Sadler (2013)
Cornell University Library ArXiv: 1304.1771

Golden, Quasicrystalline, Chiral Packings of Tetrahedra
Fang Fang, Garrett Sadler, Julio Kovacs and Klee Irwin (2012)
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